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 5H 114.3  67.1  -  5mm  AVANTE, i30, i40, VELOSTER, SONATA,
 CARNIVAL etc. Hyundai, Kia 5hole all kinds
 5H 114.3  67.1  M12  15mm
 5H 114.3  67.1  M12  20mm
Kia  6H 114.3  67.1  M12  20mm  MOHAVE
 6H 114.3  67.1  M12  25mm
 Ssangsyong  5H 130  84.1  M14  25mm  KORANDO SPORTS, ACTYON,
 5H 130  84.1  M14  30mm

Hyundai/Kia 5mm Hubring(67.1) 일체형 Wheel hub spacer
Hyundai/Kia/Ssangyong 15/20/25mm 체결식 Wheel hub spacer

Increased handling performance

The KGC XR wheel spacer, which is available in 5mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and 30mm specifications, is installed between the hub bearing and the wheel to increase the rolling distance and improve the handling performance and stability.

Improved corner balance

The widened rolling distance through the wheel space reduces the load movement during cornering, thus improving the grounding force and thus enhancing cornering safety.

Offset extension

By changing the wheel offset value to a lower wheel, you can make room for a large-capacity brake system.

Improved stance

You can enjoy the dress-up effect, which improves the visual harmony between the wheel and the wheel house by bringing the wheel and tire position closer to the fender line.

Perfect hub centric fit

The hub bearing and wheel shall be centred on the hub ring in such a way that the center of the hub is aligned when installing. The bolts shall be secured.

The KGC XR join form wheel spacer is seated in the center of the hub bearing and extends the hub ring, so that the vibration balance of the wheel is not affected.
Hyundai-Kia hub centric fit

The 5mm insertable wheel spacer is positioned in the center of the hub bearing of Hyundai Kia vehicles and designed to not affect the vibration balance of wheel tires.

Durable lightweight aluminium alloy

Lightweight, high-strength aluminum alloy is processed to form the body so that the weight can be minimized while the distance between the wheels is widened safely.

Black anodizing

Highly uniform anodizing treatment improves surface hardness and corrosion resistance, making it durable even in harsh environments.


The design and color minimizes the heterogeneity with the KGC XR, making it possible to integrate the design when applied as an accessory to the KGC XR brake system.


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