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Smooth and strong braking technology for the best control of speed
  F-Class: It is a product range that has further advanced in order to meet the requirements of high performance disk such as braking power, radiant heat, hardness and lightening. It is a premium brake disk rotor to which directional ventilation, high carbon plate and aluminum alloy hub bell have been applied.  
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Patented Design
Patent number (10-0825369),
Design registration number (30-0478862, 30-0478861, 30-0510115, 30-0510114, 30-0788161, 30-0700707, 30-0448148, 30-0838966)
High Carbon Steel Alloy
The disc, compared to common type disks, retains lower deformation, crack and abrasion rate, and higher relative friction force with the pad. If the hardness is higher, the friction coefficient is declined. To complement this kind physical feature of weakness to the crack, its material is high carbon steel alloy which carbon contents are increased and molybdenum and chrome are added.
Excellent Radiant Heat Performance
With the application of directional spiral vent, the performance of radiant heat has been raised and the heat transfer to the hub bearing has been reduced (L/R symmetry). The spiral vent shows higher efficiency of pressurized exhaustion rate by the centrifugal force at high speed rotation but also has the merits of the low atmosphere collision resistance of discharged air and the suppression of inverse flow of the air. Also, the perforated holes minimize heat island and helps the natural radiant heat at a low speed.
Exterior Appearance and Performance that Attract the Attention
Drilled and slotted pattern designed by considering aesthetics raises the braking force, reactivity and consistency. Processed in the manufacturing process according to the precision design that considers the vent structure, the perforated holes and slots discharge heat, gas and dust to improve brake performance and consistency and suppress the formation of hydroplaning to raise the brake response on the raining roads.
Excellent Control and Efficiency
From the result of comparison test for F-Class and OE type disk by a brake dynamometer, the high relative friction coefficient of F-class disk has shown excellent brake performance. Low temperature and small wearing amount in the test have proved excellent radiant heat and efficiency.
Verified Product Quality
Since the exportation in 2004, we have competed with domestic and overseas global companies and grown while accumulating reliability by the verification for actual use under extreme environments such as in Russia, Middle East and Africa. In the year 2020, the KGC brake could be found in about 30 countries in the world.
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