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Brake Master Cylinder

A brake master cylinder generates a large hydraulic pressure with a small force to decelerate or stop a moving car. The force applied to the brake pedal by a driver generates the hydraulic pressure in the master cylinder, and the hydraulic pressure is transmitted to the caliper piston to generate the braking force.

Brake Wheel Cylinder

A brake wheel cylinder receives the hydraulic pressure from the master cylinder to compress the brake shoe on the drum and generate the braking force. It consists of the a cylinder board made of cast iron or aluminum, piston cup, breather screw to discharge the air inside the brake circuit, boot, and spring.

Clutch Master Cylinder

A clutch master cylinder generates the pressure of hydraulic oil to transmit the clutch pedal operating pressure by the driver to the clutch. When the driver steps on the clutch pedal, a piston and piston cup generate the hydraulic pressure by the push rod. It consists of the oil tank, piston, piston cup, return spring and push rod.

Clutch Release Cylinder

A clutch release cylinder converts the hydraulic pressure energy received from a clutch master cylinder to the kinetic energy in order to control the clutch. It consists of the piston, piston cup, and air breather screw to discharge the air sucked into the oil.

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