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A suspension arm (control arm) is mounted to individually control the wheels according to the change of road roughness. The top part is called upper control arm, and the bottom part is called lower control arm.

The suspension is the key element for vehicle safety. It consists of the spring, shock absorber, control arm and stabilizer. If you hear abnormal noise and feels some vibration when the vehicle passes over a protruded area, you must check the fastening of the suspension components or damage to the rubber bushing. The noise will be generated due to the interference by the chassis when the vehicle passes over the protruded area if the rubber bushing of the suspension component is damaged or loosened.

A control arm connects a member and wheel (knuckle). The important part facilitates the wheel to move up or down according to the road condition to provide the uniform grip force, horizontal balance of the vehicle body, and stable riding comfort. If a lower arm is damaged or unfastened by the shock, you will have difficulty to drive the vehicle straight, and thus there will be a serious threat to safety.

KGC lower arm is the official replacement part and used for repair of conventional vehicles. If you want dynamic driving, you may use the urethane or pillow ball bushing instead of rubber bussing to improve precise control.

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