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Main Functions

A shock absorber absorbs the vibration energy of a spring to mitigate the shock from the road surface. When a spring receives the impact, the shock absorber restrains the spring rebound and slowly returns it to the original condition. The main functions of a shock absorber include the absorption of spring vibrations generated by the road surface, reduction of spring fatigue, improvement of riding comfort, and improvement of adhesion to ground surface.

Types of Shock Absorber

Also called a damper, a shock absorber is categorized according to the type of buffer into an oil shock absorber containing the air or gas shock absorber containing the compressed nitrogen gas. A coil shock absorber (single body absorber) is a product that contains both spring and shock absorber in a body.

Replacement Cycle

A shock absorber is a consumable part the performance of which degrades as time passes since the friction heat generated by repeated compression and elongation accelerates the degeneration of hydraulic oil inside the shock absorber. Therefore, it is recommended to replace it after 50,000km generally even when there is no sign of rupture such as oil leakage. KGC shock absorber is the official replacement part that provides comfortable and stable riding comfort.

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