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High Performance to Price Ratio

The KGC brake pad and brake shoe is the high quality official parts. It features high quality at reasonable price.

Eco-friendliness Using No Asbestos

The KGC brake pad is made of eco-friendly ceramic material containing no content harmful to human body. It does not use the asbestos or glass fiber which can cause lung cancer, etc. when inhaled.

Minimized Rotor Damage

The no noise brake pad features the optimum design and use of high quality materials to minimize the damage to the disc rotor and demonstrate the soft braking.

Minimized Wheel Pollution

The GTKG official replacement brake pad is made of no-asbestos and no-pollution, state-of-the-art material. It is harmless to human body and minimizes the pollution to wheel through wear and tear to help the customers manage the vehicle in highest quality.

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