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KGC disc rotor is the single-body official ventilated disc rotor using the durable carbon steel and precisely manufactured by the state-of-the-art, fully automated production system.

This is what a replacement part should be.


The overall size, such as diameter and thickness, is the same as that of a pure disc rotor, but the internal structure is designed to conform to the characteristics of the vehicle within the range of the mounting specifications to provide a more stable structure and performance.


KGC Korea (formerly known as Kumgang Disc) disc rotor is a high-strength carbon iron disc produced from high-quality select material in its dedicated path to ensure low strain and crack rates even in severe braking conditions.


The single wear-resistant body carbon steel means high durability. KGC Korea suppressed the degradation of surface hardness at high temperature by securing light weight and rigidity with the optimum material for the physical properties and optimum design using the structural analysis. As the result, the product has been favorably received by the customers for a long time for its unique quality stability and braking power without deformation or vibration.


The ventilated disc rotor features outstanding cooling efficiency by the whirlwind shaped air grooves across the center of friction surface on both sides of disc to discharge the air from the center to outside.


The products are manufactured by the fully automated production line under the thorough quality management. The stability and performance were verified by the high speed dynamometer test for friction and thermal performance at the Transport Machine Part Technology Innovation Center of Inje University.

Since its export in 2004, it has been evaluated for its high performance and safety in extreme environments such as Russia, the Middle East and Africa, and is loved in the United States, China, Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, and the United Arab Emirates.


KGC official disc rotor is a tuning rotor is manufactured by the state-of-the-art, fully automated production line with minimum post-processing. KGC Korea is able to price its products around 50% lower than the official products by manufacturing them with know-how accumulated through more than 10 years of disc rotor manufacturing and high productivity. The customers recognize the outstanding quality of the products with praises like “This is what a replacement part should be.”



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