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KGC RS disc rotor has the same specifications as the original parts, so no burden comes when tuning or upgrading, and is highly compatible with the parts manufactured by other companies. RS disc rotor varies types for the Korean and European autos, sold in reasonable prices similar to original parts. Enjoy the Dynamic performance at reasonable price


KGC Korea’s disc rotors are registered with patents and designs.


The disc from RS lineup have perforated slots for enhancing the heat radiation and braking. The perforated slots, which are effective for releasing debris and gas generated from the friction with brake pads, and effective for enhancing heat radiation as well as increasing frictional force, are produced by automated system during the manufacturing process designed to consider the structural mechanics of disc. The perforation is further effective for heat radiation, while the slots are effective for enhancing braking. Cooling is generated by the centrifugal force while driving.


The carbon iron durability disc of KGC Korea contains a large amount of carbon contents, and is acclaimed by both domestic and international consumers for its high-quality raw materials, automated production, strict quality assurance, and so forth.


KGC RS’s high-quality carbon iron disc rotor has high durability, and broke the prejudice that the perforated disc is vulnerable to cracks, by the perforation design considering structural role.


KGC RS disc shows excellent braking performance by adopting materials with high friction coefficient and perforated slots. Also, its excellent cooling performance suppresses fade and deformation, so the safety and braking are assured in any circumstances such as general driving, bad weather conditions, and high speeds.

Excellent Cooling Performance

The ventilator vane of RS disc emits the air from the center to the outside using the centrifugal force during high-speed driving to cool down the disc plate. The penetration-type perforation suppresses the rapid increase of temperature when braking, and maximizes the cooling performance by linking with the ventilator vane.


The heat-radiant vane of ventilator disc is a part which cannot be processed. Therefore, this becomes the very scale for visually comparing the quality of casting. Compare the casting quality of KGC RS’s ventilator vane with the products of other companies.

Just like the wheel, the disc rotor requires balancing. RS disc undergoes two steps of inspections: general balancing during the manufacture; and precise balancing before shipping, and is delivered to you with the entire surface painted for the prevention of corrosion.


KGC RS disc rotor varies in 250 types for the entire domestic and some European cars, and is sold in reasonable prices similar to original parts. RS disc rotor has the same specifications as the original parts, so no burden comes when tuning or upgrading, and is highly compatible with the parts manufactured by other companies. KGC RS disc is a semi-tuned disc with excellent cost-effectiveness.


The disc plate’s assembly line (below) of KGC Korea is equipped with automated system in 300,000 square meter-scale site, and is sharing the assembly line with the world-famous brake brands. KGC Korea first started manufacturing disc plates from 2003, and is now reflecting accumulative know-hows of multinational brake manufacturers to our products.

KGC Korea’s disc rotor first started exporting in 2004, and is now renowned for its excellence in performance and stability even in the extreme conditions of Russia and Middle East, becoming a favored brand throughout the world.



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