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KGC Korea is an automobile part manufacturer which values the human beings and environment first.

Welcome to KGC Korea.

KGC Korea is an automobile part manufacturer which manufactures and supplies the high performance disc brake systems, shock absorbers, lower arms and water pumps in world markets.
A brake system to stop an automobile is the key part for safer automobiles.

KGC has a broad lineup of its main product disc brake systems including the official products, RS line with improved performance, and KGC XR premium high performance tuning class to satisfy the specific needs of its customers. Offering the industry’s longest 2-year warrantee, KGC regards customer satisfaction as the utmost value so that the customers can use the products with peace of mind for a long time.

‘KGC XR’ is the brand representing the high performance brake system and reliable driving partner which applies the world’s best brake technology to protect the life of not only the occupants of the vehicle but also the occupants of other vehicles as well as the pedestrians. KGC XR consists of ‘M Class’ which is the monobloc caliper product group, ‘F Class’ which is the floating type disk rotor product group, and ‘S Class’ which is the sports brake pad product group.

KGC Korea is committed to zero-defect quality based on the management philosophy valuing the human being and environment utmost and thorough production management. We focus on advancing the state-of-the-art technologies that are eco-friendly and satisfy the customers’ high expectation. We also invest time and money heavily on producing the automobile parts to satisfy customers with zero-defect quality by thorough inspection at each step of production.

KGC Korea sells the high quality automobile parts manufactured by not only KGC Korea but also our partners to the world markets. KGC’s global network is reaching every corner of the world including Asia, Middle East, Europe, Americas and Africa to be in step with globalization and increasing status of Korean made automobiles.
Name   KGC Korea CEO   Jae-won Noh
Founded   October 27 1977 TEL   +82-2-2216-4011
Business Domain   Automobile parts and tuning parts manufacturing FAX   +82-2-2216-4012
Address   81 Jeonnong-ro 4 gil, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea. Business Registration   204-81-80677
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