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The goal of R&D is to develop the high quality eco-friendly products that provides emotional fulfillment.

Bauhaus was founded in 1919 in the city of Weimar with the design philosophy that “The form follows the function”. Arguing for the integration of fine art and applied art, it combined the art and engineering and has greatly affected the modern architecture and design. It has led to Techart to satisfy the customer needs who value the emotional quality.

As the technology standardization is occurring rapidly worldwide, KGC Korea adopted “Techartgreen”, meaning that the most important technical factor of a product must be the quality satisfying the emotion and that the product must be eco-friendly, as the essence of its R&D.? To prepare for the era of hybrid and electric vehicles, KGC Korea is focusing it competency on R&D on the belief that only the eco-friendly products lowering the fuel consumption by decreasing the weight and increasing the efficiency.

While developing the specialized expertise of KGC XR as the high performance brake brand, KGC Korea is focusing on developing the advanced technologies based on craftsmanship. We strive to continuously introduce the brake system to properly control the ever advancing automobile performance to be firmly established as the world’s renowned brake system brand.

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